Call Runtime URL

Hi All
I stuck in between calling all the runtime details
My agenda is
1.I trying to get all runtime details for the specified organization for our triggered and scheduled task
so 1st I called the URL in rest get

I got Response from URL

next I am trying to call all the runtime task details of Pipeline parameter and Extra Details as shown below in screenshot

Pipeline parameter

Extra Details

how can I call all those details in endpoint URL is it possible ?

please help me in this

Thanks in advance


You can call a REST GET again on the “”/? The ruuid is the “id” field in the response of the first step. You need pass a Query parameter called “level” and give “Detail” as the value.

In the response, the pipeline parameters are under the “captured_env_map” in the response_map. The Extra Details are also available in the response_map.



Would you mind sharing some examples of how to pass an URL in a REST GET request?
As you suggested, I wanted to know in more detail


After you get all the runtime data for your org, split the data using JSON Splitter Snap and then invoke the same API in order to get details about specific pipeline runtimes:

SamplePipe_2021_12_03.slp (6.3 KB)

Spiro Taleski