Can the Workday Read include Request_References? Response_Filters?

I’m looking to get a specific record from a workday web service get request. I’m looking at the Workday Read snap, and am wondering if there is a way to pass a request reference to get my specific row, rather than all rows.
For example for the Get_Students_Request, workday provides the following:
<wd:ID wd:type=“Student_ID”>SudentID-01001</wd:ID>

I am able to pass outputs like ‘Include_Person_Data’ with true/false values, but i still get all students back, not a single student.

Is this possible with the read snap? or do I need to use a soap call?

I should have rubber ducked this, found this reference after asking:

Working through the example now, but if anyone has simplified samples, it would be most welcome.

Your mapper preceding the Get_Students Read might look something like this - where $Student_ID might contain the value “Student-01001”:

Notice how “ID[*].type” matches the “wd:type” attribute value and “ID[*].value” matches the “wd:ID” tag value.

You may know this: If you add an empty mapper before the WD Read snap, configure the WD Read snap, and then validate. You can then view the target schema in the mapper snap that you can then drag/drop to the target path fields.

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Thanks Del for your response. This is helpful.

I was able to get this working as follows:
What was helpful was validating, and using the target schema to the right. Note that I’m passing the student_id in the pipeline launch parms