Can we generate a pipeline dynamically?

I have a UI, where user can choose a source type and a target type. File/Table for the source and target will be existing in the given environment.(We will be passing the location/connection string as parameters). Is It possible to generate a pipeline dynamically based on the user entry in UI?

Do you really need to generate the pipeline dynamically? You should be able to use Dynamic Accounts and use expressions for most of the properties that would need to be changed. Can you elaborate on what parts of the pipeline you are having trouble parameterizing right now?

I have a UI page from where an user can choose the source table and then columns of the table say 10 columns and map it to a target file (also provides the target field name and target location) and submits it.
Once he/she clicks the submit button a snap logic pipeline will be triggered which will receive the source and target column names as parameter and it should be able to get the data from database and generate the file accordingly.

In this scenarios. every time user uses the UI page, number of columns , source table name, target file name and destination can change.

Is it achievable?