Can we get the name of scheduled tasks

Hello Everyone,
I am getting all the schedule task details in manager
Here is a screenshot that shows all the task names, so I need to capture these through API in Rest get snap, and even if possible I need all the details of the task.

I need in this kind of schedule task details information with the API

so please help me to get the task name and task details through API

Thank you in advance

Through API you can get details about the executions of the tasks. There’s a better way of getting the names of all of the tasks in certain projects, and that is by using the Snaplogic Metadata snaps.


How can we pass the Asset path ,scheduled task of manager


With the SnapLogic List Snap, you can list all tasks from the given project.


Then, using a downstream SnapLogic Read Snap, you can read each task separately(by providing the path of each Task):


That will returns you details about each task.

Spiro Taleski

@Spiro_Taleski @bojanvelevski
Thanks much for you help, this been very useful.