Can we read/write files from/to Sharepoint using File Reader/File Writer snap?


Can you please let me know whether we can read/write files from/to sharepoint using File Reader/File Writer snap?

Thanks in Advance!

I don’t have access to a SharePoint instance but it looks like they have a REST API, so you likely could use the REST Snaps.

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Using REST snaps you can definitely connect to SharePoint both write and read files.

what type of Auth mechanism you would be using to connect to sharepoint. If it is using OAuth2 you can achieve this only via REST snaps.

Is it feasible to store temporarily 500 files daily and deleting them after processing by using REST to connect to SharePoint?

Depends on the size of the files.
No file uploaded to SnapLogic can be more than 100MB.

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Okay…Thank you @dmiller and @vkbeemanapalli

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