Cannot preview data

Good day.

I’ve facing this issue since the last week.

When working on a pipeline I’m not able to see the preview data.
I have this example of a mapper where I have one field and its value

The pipeline is successfully validated:
Anotación 2020-08-18 142556
But when I click the doc icon (preview) nothing is shown (only the name of the field)
If I add new fields and revalidate the pipeline, it updates the fields but still not shown its values.

I have configured to get 2000 preview documents

Could you help me please figuring out why is this happening and how to solve it?

Thank you so much.

Is the output visible in the preview at the bottom of the mapping window?


No, the output is not visible, actually there is an error message

In fact I updated the UI, because before update it, there was no output neither error message

What is the version of the Snaplex this pipeline is using? Is it a Cloudplex or a Groundplex?

This might need to be handled by Support.

The Snaplex is a Groundplex version main-8042 - 4.22 Patch 1.

Thank you for your response, I will contact Support.

There is an open issue with regard to preview data generation failing when the project or project space name has special characters. The issue will be fixed with the next control plane patch. Until then, renaming the project and project space to avoid special characters would be a workaround.

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Thank you @akidave

This fixed the issue