Cannot work out correct WHERE CLAUSE Expression

I have a Salesforce Read Snap and attempting to write a where clause that is dependent on a boolean field.

This is my current expression:
' CUSTOM_FIELD__c = '+"'" + TRUE + "'"

The error is as follows:
Where Clause: TRUE is undefined. Perhaps you meant: String, Uint8Array

I’ve changed the value from TRUE to 1 but receive this message instead:
must be of type boolean and should not be enclosed in quotes


Just try with:


Hi Spiro,

Below is the received error message. It doesn’t work either with 2 equal signs…

Expression parsing failed near -- SSO__c >> = << TRUE (Reason: Attempt to use assignment at line 1:7, which is not supported in the expression language; Resolution: If you meant to compare two values, use two equals signs (==))


If you have the expression button on, try:



InvalidBatch : Failed to process query: MALFORMED_QUERY: unexpected token: '=='"


Use ‘=’ instead of ‘==’ on the place where you make comparison .

Or please share the query that you are trying to execute.

Hi @Spiro_Taleski,

After attempting lots of variations, this one did the trick:

As always thanks for your help

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