Child pipeline not getting executed

I am trying to use a pipeline which has two Execute Pipeline snaps, Execute Process 1 and Execute Process 2. (Picture Below)

But when running this pipeline, only the first child pipeline is running and not the second one. Even though there is no error being generated in the first pipeline. Please help I am new to Snaplogic! (Picture Below :First Child Pipeline)

Welcome to the community, Shaily!

Did you get a chance to go through the documentation on usage of Pipeline Execute snap? Click on this link to access the same.

As far as I could understand, in order to use 2 pipeline execute snaps, can you use a copy snap before the pipeline execute as below?


Also, I would suggest to follow the naming convention while renaming the snap, not to use spaces (although it has nothing to do with the functionality but a good practice to follow).

A couple of questions:

1. Do you want error to be generated from the first pipeline execute snap? If yes, you need to enable that view.


2. Which data are you wanting to put in the second pipeline execute, is it the same as first pipeline execute? If that’s the case, copy snap would help. If you have some conditions, I would recommend using a router snap.

3. As per the screenshot provided, there is no parameter you’re passing in the pipeline execute, what exactly are you trying to achieve?

Please go through the documentation on naming convention too.


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@Shaily - If the first child pipeline has an open output view and there are no documents output from that snap, then you have effectively stopped execution and the second child can’t be called.

Keep in mind that SnapLogic works with streaming data, so if you stop the stream, there is nothing to continue with. Almost all snaps will not execute if there is no input coming into the input view.

I do agree with @darshthakkar that consulting the documentation is a good action to understand Pipeline Execute better.

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