Code re usability

Hi All,

I have one requirement, where in I have to use the similar flow of snaps in most of the pipelines.
Example–> To load person data, I will follow the steps like
Insert entry in module_table–> fetch data from oracle table–> load data to a diff oracle table --> Update the module_table

I am using this same flow in almost 14 pipelines. And in future the count of such flow would be ~90. SO I was thinking to find a way out to reduce the effort of creating a new flow, and use a common flow and then it can be re-usable.

Please share your thoughts.


Hi @ruchi_pandey,

Have you considered moving the snaps of the similar flow that you described to a child pipeline. That way you can call that child pipeline in the pipelines where such workflow is necessary; either by means of the Pipeline Execute Snap, or by creating a Triggered Task for the child pipeline and calling that task in a Rest POST Snap in the parent pipeline.

Hope this helps. Let me know if a more detailed explanation from me could be of benefit to you.