Community Input: Expired Password Handling for Tasks

Today, tasks run with the authority/permissions of the user who created the task.

With that said, when the password expires for the user who created/owns the task, the scheduled or triggered job associated with the task will no longer work.

This causes problems for some folks and I am hoping that this thread can highlight some of the use cases of how this is problematic.

If this doesn’t cause any problem for you but you think it’s a great feature and helps protect and secure your organization, I’d also like to hear about your use case!


  1. Like/Don’t like that tasks fail on password expirey
  2. Expound the why on # 1
  3. List various use cases for your organization

One final note is that if some of your use cases are sensitive in nature, please feel free to direct message me your use case.


Just as a FYI, I will continue collecting details until end of November 2018. I have spoken with some folks already but feel free to reach out directly or reply to this thread. Post Nov 2018, we can still discuss but the initial feedback window will be until end of November.