Conection attempt failing when using JDBC

Can’t connect to my JDBC database

Error: Failed to validate account: Failed to retrieve a database connection. Cause: The connection attempt failed. (Reason: The connection attempt failed.; Resolution: Address the reported issue.)


The connection details are correct as other programs are using the same connector. Where should I check?

Hey @eshanbhatt,

I’ve also had some issues with JDBC snaps in the past, especially with the Select. As I remember my error was related to the tables, and switching to Execute snap with query, fixed the problem. You can give it a try.

I hope this helps,

Hi @bojanvelenski,

Thanks for the quick response.

I’ve tried the same steps with all JDBC snaps. My issue is within the Account Setup, where I’ve tried with different postgresql jars but the account validation itself is failing.

The error is also not clear if there is an issue with my server or driver or some issue with snapLogic.