Conflicts with LastPass autofill during Account creation

Several members of my team and I have all experienced problems with LastPass auto-filling incorrect credentials or form info when we try to create new accounts within SnapLogic. I’m sharing here in hopes that that other people can avoid this problem. If this is the wrong place for this, please let me know where it belongs.

Usually this problem occurs when creating a new account. When you click the ‘Validate’ button (e.g., for a SQL Server Basic Auth), LastPass automatically changes the asset name, username, and maybe even the password. This causes the validation to fail.

You can work around this issue by creating your accounts in incognito, or by using a browser without the LastPass extension installed or enabled. But that’s annoying. To solve the issue, you need to add ‘’ as a ‘Never URL’ in LastPass. Instructions to do so can be found here: Configure the SnapLogic domain to be ‘Never Autofill Application’. This will allow you to still use LastPass to log into SnapLogic, but it will prevent it from overwriting info when filling in forms.

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