Connect groundplex nodes between Windows Docker and Linux - Unable to reach Snaplex neighbor

I was trying to connect groundplex nodes from Windows, Linux and Docker installed on Linux CentOS 7 on virtual box (bridge network adapter) , but it wasn’t successful. Docker always gets 172.XXX.X.XX ip address and windows is getting 192.XXX.X.XX ip address. Also when i am trying to ping the docker container ip address 172.XXX.X.XX from Windows i am getting request timed out, and i am getting in the dasboard Unable to reach Snaplex neighbor.

Linux is installed on VirtualBox (using bridge network adapter) and is getting same ip range addresses as Windows 192.XXX.X.XX. When using bridge network adapter in VirtualBox I am able to successfully make connection between Windows and Linux CentOS 7 groundplex nodes. My question is how do I make the docker container where groundplex is installed able to communicate with the Windows and Linux node ?