Connect to https using file poller

How do I use File poller, or a different snap, to connect to https site? I’ve created the account, then added the path to file poller, however the validation never completes, nor do any errors display. So I stop the validation and click run. Run never completes, nor do any errors display.
2018-04-12_9-49-29.pdf (29.5 KB)
2018-04-12_9-49-45.pdf (19.3 KB)

I too facing the same :frowning:

My scenario is based on events(Adding files, deleting files in particular folder), I need to automatically trigger the pipelines once file got it into the location.

For this I am trying to use file poller. But facing the same above you have mentioned. Can any one have any idea or suggestion on this?

Thanks in advance and your valuable feedback!