Connect to Presto via JDBC?

Has anyone successfully connect to Presto evn via JDBC snap?

Still checking with teams here, but so far it looks like we haven’t encountered that use case.

Hi aleung, we’ve been experimenting with ways to get this done and haven’t had success with presto direct or JDBC. There might be a way with teradata’s driver though.

Were you able to figure anything out?

No, we have not. I filled a support ticket with Snaplogic and here is the out come of that. Given that there are other tools which can interface with Presto via JDBC, IMHO Snaplogic would have to build a custom snap pack for Presto to be able to support it.

1.We have checked on below behaviour and we are getting the same error as “Method Connection.prepareStatement is not yet implemented” in Generic JDBC - Select Snap.Please find the attached screenshot.

2.We have investigated more on this and found that it’s a known issue with Presto Jar files and still occurring in the latest presto-jdbc-0.187.jar file.They have not fixed the issue yet due to this we are getting errors in Generic JDBC - Select and Generic JDBC - Execute Snaps.Please find the below link for more information for the SQL error.

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