Connecting SQL server in snap logic

when i am connecting SQL account in snap logic, i am getting this error. how to connect SQL account in snap logic.


any one can help me regarding the error?

Hi @sathishmadavali , is your db instance behind a firewall? Using any db client tool (db viewer, etc), are you able to connect to that db instance from the node where your jcc is running?

hi, the sql db is in my local machine, it is behind firewall.

probably that could be the reason. Can you whitelist the IP of the plex machine in your local firewall to allow the traffic?

i am not understanding what you are saying. fire wall is alreday on in my local machine

where is the jcc running? Lets say its running on x machine. So, in your local machine, are you allowing the traffic from x machine?

you should not need server name and it listed in front of user name
enter the data the same way you would on SSMS

After adding the firewall, again same error will happen?


@sathishmadavali if you are trying to do this in the SnapLogic trial, we currently do not support connection to on-premise databases. Any database installed locally and not available via the intranet would require a Groundplex, which is not available as a default option in the trial.

Thank you @dmiller