Connecting to shared Mailbox Error

Hello, I am trying to connect to the mailbox and it keep giving me this error. I can connect to the mailbox using outlook without any issues. Any help will be appreciated.

Why are you setting the disable plain auth property? Does removing it have a different result? There is a debug property (mail.debug.auth: true) that might help explain what’s failing (be careful to not paste sensitive data here).

I assume IMAP has been enabled for Outlook account.

Removing ‘disable plain auth property’ it causes error saying ‘Failed to validate account: Failed to connect the email server: Cause: AUTHENTICATE failed. (Reason: AUTHENTICATE failed.; Resolution: Please check for valid properties.)’

Authentication failure suggests invalid credentials (email id or password). I assume you have verified these. You mention that you are able to login to this account. Is multi-factor authentication setup for this account? That might cause problems too. Adding the debug property may help.

Yes, the issue was multi factor authentication. It is fixed.