Convert JSON array to key-value object array with a fixed key name


the input is an array of numbers:

then i want to transform them into an array like below:

I tried reduce() and also tried convert it to an object and then replace the key, but seems no luck for both.

Can anyone help with this transformation? thanks!


You can use this expression in a mapper:

["324","1209","4849","2"].map(val => {"number": val})

it works well! Thank you!

Hi @cjhoward18 ,
Thanks for the valuable suggestions, however, I need further help on the same lines:
I tried to use the same method in mapper snap which copied all node as is, How I can select a few of them. I need to have repetitive node ‘InvoiceLine’ and need to select few fields after group by and change the name. The repetitive nodes should be like below screen:

and I’m using your suggestion as below screenshot:

Can you please suggest how to fix it?
Deepak Shaw.