Copy files from smb to another folder in the same location

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I have a requirement to move files from one folder to another on the same location. I am using a directory browser to identify the file and then configuring the target. I do not wish to use the file reader and writer due to time constraints and the small window in which the files are available.

$Path = 'smb://server:port/folder1/folder2/filename1.csv
$Target = ‘smb://server:port/folder1/folder2/folder3/filename1.csv’

Error- Failure: Unsupported protocol or URL syntax error in smb://xxxxxxx/transfer/CDW/PARR33/AMD/Retail/ARRIMI_PAYTRAN_20180829.csv, Reason: The protocol in the URL is not supported or URL has syntax error., Resolution: Please check if the protocol is supported and the syntax of URL is correct. For example, for SLDB protocol, URL should start with “sldb:///”

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You can use FileOperation Snap to move file from source to destination on the same server, Account configuration you can choose SMB.

Hope this will help!!

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Thank you, I can confirm that I am using a SMB account getting that error.


Change this with smb:/// and try again. Maybe that is the issue.

Also, please make sure you are setting the same file name.


Source: smb:///
Target: smb:///

Tried everything including the above suggestions. Still no luck. Has anyone got it to work?

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I am having the exact same issue. I’m trying to move a file to a different directory on an SMB share. The file read snap accepts the address and can read successfully but the file operation snap complains of the protocol being unsupported or url incorrect. The copy wont work either, to a different directory or with a changed name in the same directory. I get that same error that @nisars got.

My manager just got a response from customer support with snaplogic. Apparently snaplogic does not currently support SMB with the file operation snap. I guess the best alternative would be to write the file at the new location and delete it from the old location as a work around.


Thank you Steve,

Yes, read and then write is what i am currently doing but it takes so long that it causes issues and needed a viable workaround. what a shame.