Count Number of attempt made by Snaplogic to establish connectivity with (Netsuite/Oracle/Salesforce) Snap during pipeline execution

Hello Experts,
Can someone help me to understand how to get number of attempt made by snaplogic to establish connectivity(for eg. Netsuite account/Salesforce account/Oracle account).

for eg.
lets say pipeline having 4 netsuite snap like Netsuite search,Netsuite Update ,Nestuite Create,netsuite get snap in child pipeline,
So during execution each snap tries to establish connectivity with number of attempts will be 4 ,lets say in one of the execution Netsuite search,Netsuite Update ,netsuite get snap was able to establish connectivity with in single attempt but for Nestuite Create was able to establish connectivity in 2nd attempt (as per snap configuration “Maximum request attempts”).so total number of request made by snaplogic is 5.
how to get this type of information using monitoring API or any other way find out.

Thank you in advance.


Hi @Ajay_Chawda,

It’s an inbuilt functionality of the snap. There is no point to return the attempt number for establishing the connection.
Second, the connection pooling designs usually follow the Object Pool design pattern where the connections are often stored in temporary internal lists and re-used, so again the idea for counting the attempts for establishing the connection is illogical to a certain degree.