Create a SnapLogic task through another trigger task

Here is the pipeline to create a trigger task for a existing pipeline and if we expose the pipeline as a trigger task then , through that trigger task we can create other trigger task for other pipeline.

the input json is;

“parameters”: {
“pipeline_path”: “/xxx/xxx1/fff/jsjs”,
“pipeline_snode_id”: “GPLEX”,
“job_name”: “myjob1111”,
“path_id”: “xxx/yyy/zzz”,
“job_class”: “PipelineJob”,
“note”: “test job”,
the configuration of the “snaplogic read(snap name:“alreday exist?”)” like-

the configuration of snaplogic create snap is like:
and configuration of get job url details is:

This will create a trigger task for the given pipeline or if already exist it will throw error.