Create xml segment only if condition is met

I am trying to convert xm1 into xml2.
In order to that I have used XML Parser, Mapper,XML Formatter.
There is one logic, I need to create a segment only if value of a particular repeatable segment is either
jsonPath($, “$Z_RDGD102.IDOC.DKA1[].PAR") is equal to ‘AF’ or ‘AG’ or ‘PC’.
And part of output segment is like below:-
jsonPath($, "$Order.Data.Addresses[

How do I achieve it, please let me know.

Hi @Sahil,

You can use mapping to do this. Here is an example:

jsonPath($, “$Z_RDGD102.IDOC.DKA1[*].PAR”).map(x=>x == “AF” || x == “AG” || x == “PC”).toString()

Or, if you have multiple PAR objects in DKA1, and at least one should match the condition, than you can go with this:

$Z_RDGD102.IDOC.DKA1.filter(x=> x.PAR == “AG” || x.PAR == “AF” || x.PAR == “PC”).length>0


I tried 1st option but I am getting below error:-
Failure: Unable to write to JSON-Path: $.Order.Data.Addresses, Reason: Expecting object or array for wildcard path, found: true,false,true,true,false,true, Resolution: Change the preceding path to refer to an object or array value


As I said @Sahil, if you have multiple PAR objects, you need to go with the second expression. The expression is a boolean, if only one of the repeatable segments is AF,AG or PC , than you’ll have True.

@Sahil you can try with filter function. If you can share your sample input json and expected output as xml then it will be easy to resolve.