Creating a direct link to SnapLogic Manager path


I am looking for a way to navigate directly to an asset in the Manager view. For instance, if I manually navigate to my Org, Project Space, and Project, the URL looks something like this:[SessionRelatedId]#asset/[Org]/[ProjectSpace]/[Project]

If my session is active and I use the “SessionRelatedId” above, loading the page works. However, I cannot give this URL to someone else because they will have a different session. Is there a way to use a static URL to get to a specific asset?



The SessionRelatedId is an ephemeral ID and is only significant when going from one snaplogic platform page (login.html, designer.html, manager.html, etc.) to another.

You can give the url without the v= query parameter and it should load for another user without issue.

Hey Steve,

Thanks for that info. I’ve seen it work on and off and I’ve boiled it down to the scenario that has an issue. If I was working in a different Org, the link will navigate me to the correct Org, but will not load the asset in view. If I immediately close the tab and try again, it does work. For us, this is an issue because we do maintenance in three separate Orgs (Dev, Test, Prod), so a user can be switching between them often.