Creating a SNAP that will assign a value to each record in a dataset by referencing a table of 40,000 values

I have a live dataset of locations that includes the zip code of each individual location. I have a separate table that contains the 40k+ different zip codes in the US, along with what time zone that zip code falls in. I’m trying to understand how to design a Snap that will take the zip code in each record, look it up in the time zone table, and then insert the resulting time zone abbreviation in the original record.

I have the time zone table in CSV format, but I’ve also imported it as a SQL table so I can reference it in either format if that helps.

I’d point you at the In-Memory Look Up snap for this use case.

Here’s an example that fits your use case that you could try and build from.

inmem-example_2019_09_06.slp (5.4 KB)