Creating Users within SnapLogic (JSON Generator + REST)

Contributed by @pkona

This pipeline pattern can be used by SnapLogic User Admins to create SnapLogic users. If the pipeline is exposed as an API, the SnapLogic User Admin could call it from their own identity/access management system to create or terminate users in SnapLogic.


Source: JSON Generator
Target: SnapLogic User
Snaps used: JSON Generator, REST Post, Router, Mapper, REST Put, Union, JSON Formatter, File Writer

In this pipeline, the user details are sent to the JSON Generator via pipeline parameters.

The REST Post uses the SnapLogic User API to create the record.
If a user already exists in SnapLogic, but not within the specified org, this pipeline then updates the existing user.


Pattern - SL Administration - Manage Users - Create User.slp (16.4 KB)

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