Custom notifications for a scheduled task

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I was curious to know whether we have an ability in snapLogic to send custom notifications for a scheduled task?
Rationale behind this question: I want to send separate notifications for Started & Completed [category 1] vs Failed & Stopped [category 2] vs Suspended [category 3]

e.g. There are 6 members who need to be notified for category 1,
3 members for category 2 and
5 members for category 3

While I was trying, I ended up creating 3 separate scheduled task but the concern with this one is that, the entire task would run 3 times (which I don’t want). I’m not sure if there’s a way to use an Email Sender snap which takes into account the scheduled task failure and then send notifications after the task has been executed.

Thanking in advance for your help and time on this one.

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There is no ability to customize notifications at this time.
I don’t know if you could build a pipeline to capture this or not.

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Thank you @dmiller for your quick response.
I will brainstorm if building a pipeline can help me get there.