Daily API Consumption Count

Hi all,
There will be any possible in SnapLogic for Daily API Consumption Count,
How we can make Report on the previous API Usage based on day/time params: 30, 60 , 90 day,
please help me on this issue,


Any Update here,


You can always pull the data based on triggered pipeline executions using the public APIs. Does this data not satisfy your requirement? If not, please do expand on your request and what you’d like to be able to do.

Hi,thanks for the reply,

We need only API Consumption Count,for 30 days,60 days,and 90 days,from Snaplogoic,how much it will consuming Daily, that Report we can get from Snaplogic we are asking.

The information is available in the manager on a daily basis. You can check there for the values on a daily basis. The APIs used in that UX are not public APIs and are therefore undocumented and subject to change. I could not encourage the use of those “private” APIs to harvest the data you want.