Data Validation using Data Catalog

Hi all,

I’m trying to do some data validation on each field of data in each column.
I have the validation parameters for each column heading, in a row on a separate table (Azure Data Catalog).

Data - (table name)
FirstName - (column)

Validation - (table name)
column_name | data_type | length - (columns)
FirstName | text | 20

So I would like to validate the values of “FirstName” against the validation parameters in the Validation table.

Any thoughts on this? Or if anything needs more clarification?


Can you please provide more clarification what you want to validate?

Hi Supratim,
I figured out a way to get this done.
I converted the data to a JSON format to pivot the data, then I used a combination of JSON Splitter/Mapper and Data Validator to validate the data.

Well done phillp.