DateTime Parameter can't save to datetime field

I’m calling a child pipeline to do an insert
I’m passing a datetime field, but in the child parameter it is now a string
How do I convert it back to datetime?

In the parent before I execute the child the value is:

In the child, the value is: (I’ve saved to a string field to test)

How do I convert this back to a date?

I’ve tried Date.parse(_StartDate) and it doesn’t recognise the parameter value as something that can be converted to a date

Hello @RoyB,

Try this => Date.parse(_StartDate.toString())




You can try with the following expression in the child pipe:


Or to avoid sending the string {"_snaptype_localdatetime":“1996-08-26T00:00:00.000”} to the child pipeline, from the parent pipeline try to send the date field(StartDate) as a string(not as a datetime), and then try to convert to date with Date.parse(_StartDate).

Spiro Taleski

I’ve tried both of those, and each time it errors as not a number error

We managed to build a work around though, buy setting up some snaps to except the values as part of the incoming document rather than passing a parameter

Thanks for the help

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