Debugging Reltio

Does anyone have a way to have the reltio snaps at least look like they are running without running? It would be nice if they put out some relevant JSON for the command given, to facilitate debugging and development.

On a related note, is there some way to increase the preview limits? I would like to be able to work with a representative same in one operation, but it is a bit too large for preview…


My experience has been that if you use an error branch in your pipeline, and write it to a text file, you see exactly the JSON sent to Reltio. Are you not seeing that?

I want to see it WITHOUT it sending the info.

As close as I can think is looking at the output of the mapper. once you have validated your pipeline, you see the data pretty well. This is before execution.

My troubleshooting routine includes using a head snap to limit the amount of data processed. You can make this one row. That way if the pipeline doens’t do what you want, it’s very easy to correct in your reltio environment.