Delete a folder

Is there any snap available to delete folder with 2 options?

  1. empty folder
  2. folder with subfolder and files

There is not a specific Snap, but I may have a pipeline that will help. Let me take a look.

Just to be consistent with our terminology, I’m replacing “folder” with “project”.

The SnapLogic Metadata Snaps are useful here.

  • To delete an empty project, you would use the SnapLogic Delete Snap.
  • To delete a flat project with files (no child directories), you would use a SnapLogic List set to All Assets, File Delete, possibly a Gate Snap if there are a lot of files to delete, then the SnapLogic Delete Snap set to delete the project once it is empty.

For projects that contain directories, “Directory” is currently not available as an asset type for these Snaps (there is an open request for it).

thanks Dmiller,
I understand and know about delete file, but only thing want to know about folder? if there is not direct, is there any indirect way to delete ?