Diff snap "modified" output

Small question about the output from the Diff snap.

From the documentation it’s the output of most are fairly clear:

  1. Insertion = The row from New that isn’t in Original
  2. Deletion = The row from Original that isn’t in New
  3. Modified = The rows from Original and New that are the same, but modified in some way
  4. Unmodified = All rows that are in both Original and New

The issue is number 3. I’ve tried this with sample data and have a few questions:

  • I get two documents output in modified, but how do I know that any given rows are from a single comparison (assuming many comparisons will go through the same diff snap in a short space of time)?
  • How can I tell which document corresponds to which input? That is to say, how can I tell if any given document output is from the Original or the New input?

Sort path is your key(s) which should be unique that way you are ALWAYS doing 1 to 1 comparsion. “Modified” output is always from the “New” input.