Directory Browser match on file name with spaces

I have a file called “File With Spaces.csv” and am trying to create a GLOB pattern to match it in a Director Browser.

What should work does not work and what does work is not optimal in my opinion.

Simply setting the File Filter to the value: File With Spaces.csv
returns 0 documents.

Setting the filter to: File?With?Spaces.csv
returns 0 documents.

Setting the filter to: File*With*Spaces.csv
returns the 1 document.

The fact that it will not match the exact file name is perplexing.
The fact that ‘?’ has no effect is perplexing as well.
At least ‘*’ works, but I find that pattern problematic and should not be necessary.

I can find no where in the documentation that spaces require special handling.

Anyone know of solution that does not require the use of ‘*’ for this?


Actually it looks like using %20 works for the space character matching.

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I am browsing an SFTP directory?

Seems reasonable but kind of violates the Principal of Least Surprise.


Try enabling expressions by clicking the “=” button and entering the name of the file within quotes: “File With Spaces.csv”.

That should do the trick.

Hi Rakesh,

“File With Spaces.csv” does not work either, but using “File%20With%20Spaces.csv” does the trick.

File???With???Spaces.csv also does the trick (as quoted expression or not), so it is clear now that it has to do with the encoding from the sftp server.