Downloading files stored in Google Drive

Dear Community,

I have a use case wherein I need to download a file from Google Drive. I followed this guide and the authorization is working fine:

Connecting SaaS providers with SnapLogic's OAuth-enabled REST Snaps | SnapLogic

Then, I configure REST Get snap, add the Query parameter q = title contains ‘xyz’ and use in the service URL. The snap validates and returns the metadata of xyz file.

My question is, how to download the file? After reading this documentation, I added + $id + ‘?alt=media’ in the service URL but I got this error below:

Can you suggest any solution? If I could not download the file, can you suggest any workaround where I can see the data so that I can write it as a .csv/.xls? Also, I noticed that the snap took longer to validate when I added these in the service URL.

Thanks in advance.

Dear community,

Can anyone comment on this? Luckily the Google Snap pack is available for us and we are moving towards that direction however any guidance in connection to using the REST snap for this use case is very helpful. Thank you!

403 is Authorization issue. Can you check if you have the right permissions. Did you enable the Checkbox while you were Authenticating the account. I didn’t have any issue viewing the files on the drive with Rest Get Snap.

Yes the checkbox is enabled. Edit account

When you click Authorize you are redirected to a different browser and on that you should’ve been prompted the drive access.

Also Make sure you have drive API Access enabled too on the App.

Yes, I also enabled the drive API access and authorize the Google account when I click authorize. see below snapshots:

drive API access