Dynamic Parameter file name in S3

I would like to pass the pipeline parameter as _clearbit_region to S3 file name. It will be dynamic.
how should we pass the parameter in filename?

Any help would be appreciated


Hi @sravankunadi ,

You should enable expression language by clicking on the “=” below File name and put everything between “” except the pipelie parameter. It should look like this:
“alization/System_Integrations/marketoleads” + _clearbit_region + “.o…”



**Below example is their try that way ** :Enable ‘=’ option and try below example

Example:“S3:///snaplogic-only@s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/AsanaUAT/Asana - Marketing/Data_Centralization/System_Integrations /marketoleads”+_clearbit_region+“.csv”