Dynamically setup dashboard execution label from triggered task

Hi Snaplogic Gurus,

Good day, is there a way to set the execution label using triggered task

FYI, the executing pipeline that I would like to dynamically set the execution label is the parent pipeline this is a common pipeline then accepts a JSON object and routes to different child pipeline, is there maybe a header, attributes or key/value pair that can be set in the PUT request body that is hidden that I can use?

I tried updating the path, name, label of the pipeline asset using update snaplogic snap but it just created a new one, I had that idea since triggered task are not mapped by pipeline name but snodeid

I’m trying to output something like this in the dashboard


Nothing like that at the moment – I believe only the PipelineExecute snap allows that functionality with the Execution Label property.

Yes, there is no way to externally set the pipeline label for the top-level pipeline invocation. The label is intended to be controlled by the pipeline developer. If the pipeline invoker can set it directly, then the pipeline developer can no longer control it.

If the requirement is to be able to search for particular pipeline run in the dashboard, it is possible to search using captured pipeline paremeters. That will allow the user to find the desired run through the dashboard. The invoker can pass any unique parameter values as required to the top-level invocation.

Thanks for the response

Actually it’s not a requirement, just a though of labeling the execution that was executed via triggered task in the dashboard, something like this


currently all execution are labelled as Main :smile: