Email delivery Issue


We have used Email sender snap in our pipeline. But we observed email not delivering to all email addresses configured in the pipeline. This issue is inconsistent , couldn’t reproduce it all the time. The pipeline completed successfully(No error on the email sender snap), but email not received. Anyone else facing similar problem with email sender snap?

Email isn’t reliable, or instant. Is it possible a server was down, or it went into quarantine, or it was slow, etc…? If the server went down, it is possible that the sending address, real or possibly the one you entered, will receive a notice stating so. If it was slow, the receiver might receive the message late. Otherwise, it is just lost.

Luckily I haven’t had this problem yet, although we DID have a delay when testing as a group.


You might also not get an email if no information is sent to the Email Snap. For example, I have a pipeline that generates the list of issue submitted in the last 24 hours and emails them to the team. If nothing was submitted, no emails go out. (I eventually changed the pipeline to send a different email if no results to avoid this confusion).

our servers weren’t down. there were two email address configured in the file. One email id received it and another didn’t . We have observed similar issue with password reset as well. we had to reach out to snaplogic support to get the reset password email.

a document is passed to email sender snap. I verified those before raising a ticket with snaplogic

Maybe I should have been more specific. What I meant by “the server might have been down”, is that the receiving server might be down. The SMTP command that the email snap uses just sends it to a server. That server tries to send the email packets to places it can access that get it to ANOTHER server, and that is relayed to the final email server. If something happens to disrupt that, it is supposed to bypass it, and try again. If a problem happens, like your email is rejected, or THEIR server is down, or doesn’t exist, The SENDING email server gets a message and is supposed to send it to the sender. That can take a while though. If the SENDING SMTP server that you are using to start this is down, or can’t be access, the snap will simply fail. And your’e right, NOTHING will be sent.

I have seen this same problem myself. However, I did not have time to debug it so I just gave up. Please post any solution if you found one. I may want to use it in the future.

We had that happen here – the Email was going internal and I checked with our Networking/Email department. It got “stuck”. Our administrator was able to unstick it. I know it doesn’t provide a clear path but I would check with your email administrators to see if there is anything up with your email sending account.