Email sender - Change table row color based on value

Hi snaplogic experts,

is it possible to change table row in email body based on current value ? in my example i retrieve email with values - but is it possible to mark whole row as green, if revenue is higher as e.g. $5000?
just to make email readable

my example:

<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><style type="text/css"> </style></head>

thank you

Hi @SL12345,

Yes, it’s possible by using apache velocity.

I’m sharing a code I used in one of my pipelines. I believe you’ll be able to tweak it per your requirements:

            <td>Actual Values</td>
            #foreach($key in $line.thresholds.keySet())
                #if($line.stats.get($key) > $line.thresholds.get($key))
            <td style="background:tomato">$line.stats.get($key)</td>

This one colors the background in red if a specific condition is fulfilled , if not, than no color is used.