Email Sender -- How to omit some input fields from sending in an email

Hi ,

I am trying to use email sender for sending email from input mapper snap. In email sender I am dynamically trying to pass the from email and to _email from input but in the email body also from_email and to_email is also coming which I want to remove.

Also can any one also tell me other use cases of table_data_path in this snap.

Hi @yash.verma,

There are possible two solutions:

  1. You can put Email Sender in the sub-pipeline and from_email and to_email to be provided as pipeline parameters. In the sub-pipeline before the email sender you can set mapper and to edit email body i.e. to remove from_email and to_email from the body.
  2. The other solution is: put mapper between CSV Parser and Email Sender, and create nested JSON object, similar to the following example (in this example nested JSON object is “table”):

Then change the Email Sender snap and in the Table-data path set the name of the nested JSON (i.e. “table” in this example):

I hope this will help you to resolve your issue.



Thanks… I will try …