Enhancement Request: Do not automatically enable tasks after saving

When you modify a task and save it, the task is automatically enabled after saving. It would be nice for this to either be an option upon saving to enable, or to have it keep the existing state after saving. We often have tasks in a project disabled when we’re developing, and if we have to make a task change, it automatically enables it. You then have to be quick to disable the task again before it starts up and potentially causes an issue. If there’s already a setting for this that I’m just not aware of, please let me know!


What are the typical settings that you update on a task?

Is it scheduled, Triggered or Ultra?

Please elaborate. It would help.

It’s typically scheduled tasks that I experience this with.

For example, today I was working on a fix for one of our pipelines. I’d set one of the task parameters to point to a QA environment for testing. Once testing was complete approved, I needed to set the parameters back to Development to get it ready to promote into our Development environment. Once I saved the tasks, however, they became enabled again and I had to stop them so they didn’t collide with the tasks that were already running against our Development environment. This is probably the most common use case. I’ve also had this happen when changing task names, updating the pipeline because the original pipeline was deleted/replaced with a fresh copy, etc.

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These are also tasks that we have continuously running so the start date is in the past and then it checks every minute to verify it is running.

+1 for this request. I’ve run into the same issue. A task is disabled for a business reason that it does not need to run during a specific time window. A modification may need to be made to the task while it is disabled. However, saving the modification to the disabled task automatically enables the task, and if you’re not aware of this behavior to know to disable it again, it can potentially wreak havoc on your data or business processes.

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