Enhancement Request: List Started Pipelines

Stemming from List started pipelines regardless of start date, please add a way to list the pipelines that are currently in the “Started” state so that we can easily tell what is currently executing. Thanks!


Based on the other thread, is this an enhancement for the API?

I don’t think I care if its implemented through the API or a snap since I can use a triggered task to ultimately use a snap, essentially making both options the same implementation for my use case. Through the API would be ideal to not have to run it on a snaplex but if there are faster options to make it available, I’m open to them.

@dmiller, I should clarify this should be a list of pipelines in the Started state, regardless of when they were started, whether that be yesterday or 100 days ago. I would hope this would come straight from the node and not just a report of the status the platform believes to be current. Thanks.

Hi Kmiesse,

As a workaround to your problem, if you can maintain a table( for eg: audit_table) in database which will have following columns you can solve this issue:

Pipeline_id, start_time,pipeline_name and status.

When you start your pipeline, populate these fields with these values:

Pipeline_id -> pipe.ruuid
start_time --> Date.now().toLocaleDateTimeString(’{“format”:“YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss”,“timeZone”:“EST”}’)
pipeline_name -> pipe.label
status = ‘In Progress’

Now, after the last step of your pipeline update this table as:

“Update audit_table
set status = ‘Completd’ , batch_endtime = GETDATE() where batch_id=’” + $ruuid + “’”