Error Handling in multitple levels of parent-child hierarchy

I have a parent child pipeline hierarchy that is 4-5 level deep. In other words, parent pipeline (p1) calls a child pipeline (c1). c1 in turn invokes its child pipeline (c2). c2 then invoked its child pipeline c3 etc…etc…

p1 → c1 → c2 → c3 → c4

I would like to have the error pipeline only configured for the main pipeline p1 and not have error pipeline for any other child pipelines. I expect that any error in a child pipeline would be propagated up the hierarchy till it hits the error pipeline.

What I am finding is that the error is propagated only one level up and not beyond. Is that correct or is there any way I can achieve what I intend?

Hi @aprabhav ,

If I understand your use case, why not create one error pipeline and then in the pipeline properties of every pipeline refer to this ‘error’ pipeline ?

Let me know if this helps



Hi @aprabhav,

Good day, what I usually do in a pipeline execute for the child-pipelines is set the when error occurs to stop the pipeline…


Main pipeline pipeline execute snap, set when error occurs to “Route Error Data to Error View”

Then in your child-pipelines in the pipeline execute snap, set when error occurs to “Stop pipeline Execution”

Note this will set all the child pipeline to failed



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