Error while using Excel Parser

Hi Team,
I’m facing below error when trying to read similar column names from same sheet but under different section. Could someone please assist?

Usecase2.slp (4.7 KB)


You can mention the columns like b,c so on. as mentioned in the image


Hi Shankar,
Even after changing column names, i’m still getting same error.
It looks like when we have two columns with same header text(name), the snap throws out error.
If there any solution to sort these kind of scenario? Or is this a limitation in tool?
Please suggest.


When you mention the columns names as a,b,c…so on, It will not look at header names so there will no conflict with column names.

This worked for me after duplicate column names also.

Hi Shankar,
Could you please share your pipeline if possible? If would be great for me to view and replicate for my data

Please find the attached.

excel parser_2018_09_11.slp (4.0 KB)
ParserExample.xlsx (8.3 KB)

Hi Shankar,
Thanks for sharing the file, Much Appreciated.
One thing i noticed in the pipeline that even after specifying column names b,c,d &f, why is the Excel Parser fetching all columns form worksheet?

I believe there’s a bug in the excel parser with specifying the column names. I have run into that as well.