Excel parser read worksheets where the name has "convert" in it

I have a requirement to read all the worksheets in a excel spreadsheet where the worksheet name has “convert” in it. Has anyone done anything like this?

That should be quite easy.

Put a File Reader and Excel Parser.

You can mention the sheet name as below. Let us know if it works are not.

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I tried reading the sheet name “convert_1” using “convert” in the parser and I get the error “Sheet with the provided name does not exist”.

If I further understand it, you would want an ability to pick up any sheet
that has “Convert” in it. Unfortunately, that is not an expression so you
cannot make up something like sheetName.indexOf(‘Convert’) != -1

So a formula is not possible to determine the sheet name.

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Raju - How do i read data from excel files ? Do i need to purchase Excel reader or any other snap can be utilized ?

You would use a File Reader followed by an Excel Parser.

Thank you so much !..

I have a source location ,every time there is a file in there my snap needs to pick that up and archive it .Can we achieve it in snaplogic ?