Execution time on non-execution route with router


We have a router with below conditions

if input==true, then output 1
if input==false, then output 2

Lets say my input is false… so the snaps connected to router output2 will be fired and running.

However I found that at the sametime, the snaps connected to router output1 also has some execution time even though there’s no output from router output1.

Why is that?


Did you see what the First Match checkbox does?

The router conditions should be treated like the sequential If then else statements

Obviously you can have multiple ifs.

if cond1
if cond2
if cond3
if cond4

If you dont have the first match selected, all ifs will be evaluated.
If first match selected, only one will be selected.

Lets say none of the ifs match then the router will fail.
so to have default, change that to

if cond1
if cond2
if cond3
if cond4

Try it out and let us know.


I did have the first match check box checked.

Just add something, in my case, the snaps connected to output 1 has no input doc or output doc at all… but I still see execution time in states.

You can post your pipeline here or direct message me

The execution time includes time spent initializing and finalizing the snap. If the pipeline only runs for a short amount of time, the small amount of time needed to perform this overhead can appear to be significant. More complicated snaps might have to do more setup and teardown so they will show up even more. (Although, if this overhead time is quite large, there might be cause to look at optimizing it.)

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I have sent you the pipeline id and screenshot…did you check and confirmed the case?

Yes, I took a look at the execution and my response was based on that.