Exposing Pipeline Documentation via REST API

It would be fantastic if we could automate the export of pipeline documentation automatically. For example, I may want to publish the pipeline documentation to a Wiki each time I deploy to Production, and I’d love to automate that process.

At the very least, being able to to retrieve the pipeline documentation PDF via a web service would be great, but even better would be to have a full-fledged API to get all of the documentation components.

This pipeline might be a way to go about that. It will take all the pipelines in a project and grab the Pipeline info (name, label, description, purpose, doc link, author). You could extend this to pull out data from the snaps or whatever other documentation you might be interested in. Does this help get you started?

pipe-meta-example_2020_05_01.slp (4.6 KB)

It’s definitely a start, and what I was planning on using for now. That said, with the new stickies feature rolling out, I may have everything I need for documentation right in the pipeline, so exporting it may be redundant at that point.


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