Expression to fetch the Authorization header value from incoming request

I have to fetch the Authorization header value and pass it to next REST API call.
Please reply if some one has know. how to retrieve it.

The Authorization header is not accessible from a pipeline. Is it possible to also pass the value of the header in the request body?

That means we can not fetch header values in SnapLogic Pipeline.
I have to pass the Basic Authorization value i.e “Basic XXXXXXXX”.

So only way is to pass through request body. Will you suggest some other options.

Please provide your inputs.

You can access certain headers from the request, for example:


But not authorization.

If you’re not able to pass through the request body, I’m not sure there are a whole lot of other options.

The only other way I can think to do this is if there are a finite number of users. Then you could preconfigure REST Basic Auth accounts for those users and pass the account name as part of the request. Then in the pipeline you could dynamically set the account depending on the account name passed in.

Thanks for the reply and your suggestions . Could you please tell me what will be expression to access the header for ex. CONTENT_TYPE.

The HTTP request headers are passed as parameters to the pipeline and can be accessed like other pipe parameters. Here’s an expression that would allow you to access the content_type, note it’s just the name of the header in all caps with an underscore prepended to it.


For more information on how to use the triggered tasks, this documentation is useful.

I just wanted to ask a clarifying question. It sounds like you’re wanting to get the Authorization header that is passed to a triggered task, is that right? What API are you going to be calling in the pipeline that would use the SnapLogic user credentials?

Yes, your are correct. Below is the API call:-