Extracting the runid of the pipeline

I am trying to extract the unique ID (generated at the run time) and assign it to a variable so that I can push it my Audit Db(external) I am using the pipe.ruuid for that. I am able to get the information for each transaction.

In case of failures I need to also get the stacktrace for that failed transaction using the Log API. When I use that ID to query the logs I get 0 results.

I tried to use the monitoring API and found “id” which we are getting for a transaction is different from pipe.ruuid. I need to get the “id” field assigned instead of pipe.ruuid.

Anyone have come across this kind of a thing?

Any help will be appreciated.

The pipe.ruuid variable should be the correct value.

Do you see the results in the dashboard? The log API pulls the log messages directly from the nodes, so it’s possible that the log files on the node have rolled over before the call was made.

Yes I can see the logs on dashboard, and the RuntimeId that I see in dashboard is not pipe.ruuid