Extraction of binary objects (BLOB) like images and pdf from Oracle table

Does Oracle Select Snap fetch the BLOB data from a table as actual document/image? I would like to fetch those docs from database and store them in FTP location. Here, I’m looking for specific example of pipeline. I’ve not seen any special mention on handling binary data and extraction of physical documents/images in the SnapLogic documentation. Your inputs would be helpful! - Thank you.

Hi @PratFirm,
Not only Oracle, but the other databases like MySQL,PostgreSQL, SQL Server, etc. support querying of binary data (i.e. BLOB). You’d have the data read as Base64 encoded, like in the screenshot:


Attached is a pipeline that reads BLOB from MySQL table and saves the image as jpeg file on SLDB. Similarly, you’ll read the blobs from Oracle and save them to FTP


Blob_columns_write_to_sldb_2020_10_07.slp (5.4 KB)


Thank you igormicev. Appreciate your detail response.