Facebook query language docs?

New here and new to Snaplogic so I really need documentation.

Having to learn a lot lately and now trying to set up a Facebook query pipeline, I see Facebook has it’s own query language?

I found this link in one document

but when I click that, all I get is a blank web page.

Does anybody know if the link’s broke, my browser needs something, what might be wrong with it, or another way to get this?

I believe they stopped supporting FQL.
Found it. FQL support ended with Facebook API v2.1: https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/2014/08/07/Graph-API-v2.1/

Oh ok, then that explains that. Thank you.

And that actually created more questions then answers and because I’m complete trash at coding, what would be the new syntax mentioned and do you know where to find documentation for it?

I found the link for what they call Field expansion syntax and read through it but is that enough or is there more somewhere else?